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Free the Henderson One

Protest against John Henderson's expulsion

to "The Scotsman" chess column

   Letters about John Henderson's expulsion should go to chesscentre@easynet.co.uk, with the header "Free The Henderson One". We provide two sample texts for the letter, the first one is for one person who is protesting, the second is for several persons who want to protest. You may use them as provided or change them. You can copy'n'paste the text to the e-mail.

We already had an e-mail by somebody who wanted just a button to push in order to send the e-mail! Well, technically it is no problem, but we think you should be convinced if you do it. Just pushing a button makes it too easy!?

text for one person   text for several persons

Our letter and some statements from other persons

A short answer from John:

Many thanks for the support! I think we won the campaign hands down! To tell you the truth, I've had more fun being banned - I hope they don't let me back in!

Please write your opinion to our discussion board.

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