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Unter Babelfish kann man sich Texte online übersetzen lassen. Dabei stehen die gängigen Sprachen (Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch ...) zur Verfügung. Daraus entstand die Idee, diese Homepage zweisprachig zu gestalten (mindestens), da ja alles automatisch gehen sollte, angeblich. Also habe ich mir probeweise den längsten Text geschnappt (Die Macht des Spanferkels) und ihn automatisch übersetzen lassen. Hier das Ergebnis:

The power of the splinter piglet

In strong occupation the " third " against Gernsbach III did not let a doubt arise, who plays also in the next round in the set class I. The Aufsteiger concluded the season with 7:11 counters at workstation eight. Against the tail light the castling was not allowed to lose too highly, in order to hold the class. Like position of the things everything finally looked before the last play after a Absteiger - and that should be called Gernsbach III. In the best portion of the match pure hard cool under the eyes of the other master players ensured such as Ralf honours, Michael Waschek and Alexander Zlodi for the guidance. Our honorary chairman pulled to his contractors briefly and painless over the desk. Its immaculate balance gives a clear DWZ increase to pure hard. We do however without the old song, as good second with it could be in the national league...

While Juergen Metz the initialization beside- went completely, old masters Hermann Hettich, Heribert Urban and Wjeko Visnic scored. Hermann showed a solid portion system, put a farmer in and used this reliably in the final game. More back and forth it went with Wjeko, to which at the conclusion however as the better player showed himself. Uwe Gantner played considerable garbage, saved themselves however in the long run in the Remis. Guenther roll and new generation talent Daniel Woerner provided for the 5,5:2,5- Endstand, whereby Daniel spoiled a smooth gain position. Guenther acted - it does not know its safety consciousness simply placings - too zaghaft. However in the comparison with the portion of our chairman every different one was still a jewel.

The following Kleinod of chess history, which offered Heribert against Sabine Paasch, is only by a mixture fanatischer love for the splinter piglet meal and the unawareness Steinitz´shears principles to explain.

Paasch, S (1384) - Urban, H (1689) [ D02 ]

1.d4 d5 in the set class I apply 17 further courses than plausible. In order to protect children under 18 years before solcherlei Humbug, the RH does without the casting of all continuations conceivable in the set class here. 2.Sf3 Sc6?! Already suggests cruelties, which threaten that sequel ends immediately. From pure respect for our chairman the editorship sets exclamation mark behind the question mark still another. Doubtful this course, which adjusts the c- farmer, is always. Sf6. seems most exact however calls itself we in memory that the portion at a rear board in the set class I takes place.

3.Lg5! A psychologically magnificent course, which lets the experienced set class contractor think: " now only not Sf6, because I receive then a double farmer. " Our chairman in addition: " I did not want the double farmer after Sf6. And there I rapidly to the splinter piglet meal progress wanted, decided I, to make short process and eat the b- farmers! " One considers the distance vision of our highest gentleman, who already foresaw here that the b- farmer is shortly already grilled on his rust. However it did not consider our all boss that it is it, who plays with the fire and which role of the splinter piglet will take over. 3... Dd6? 4.e3 Db4+? 5.Sc3 Dxb2? Following Hajo Vatters message, which he transacted once with a Kuppenheimer twelve- hour lightning, we want to mention: " A guad's Spanferkl eats aelles. " 6.Sxd5 Kd7 Phaenomenal meant: The king covered not only the threatened point c7, but is activated directly (in contrast to the rather passive and therefore which can be blamed Kd8) for the final game. The first official world champion of chess history, William Steinitz, would have enjoyed its true. Which it and its contemporaries did not know at that time, because them the refinement of modern tournament chess were not yet common: With 6... Kd7 black adjusts besides the exit for the runner on c8, so that this cannot make stupidities in the garage and the black lacquer at it to- remains!! 7.Se5+ Sxe5. Torpediert the logical end of the portion by 7... Ke8 8.Sc4 with lady catch. 8.dxe5 Kc6!

Quite in the sense of Steinitz easily. The king moves crucial into the center. The fact that Steinitz in the flip mill ended was only besides noticed here. Besides also the marginal note that the author, who was allowed to experience this great moment of chess live offered already bets that this memorable skirmish only one would win: black!! 9.Lc4? (9.Tb1 Dxe5 10.Sb4+ Kb6 11.Sd3+ Db5 12.Txb5+ Kxb5 13.Se5+ Ka5 14.Dd5+ c5 15.Dxc5+ Ka4 16.Lb5+ Ka5 17.Sc4 # would have led more rapidly to the departure toward splinter piglet meals. But the Schweinchen named Babe wants to be roasted as well known only slowly on the fire. 9... Lf5? Why into the distance (farmer e5) curve, does where is appropriate for property (farmer c2) so near? As insignificant Schnickschnack the Spanferkel Gourmet exposes the Gaebelchen after for example 10.h4 Lxc2 11.Dxc2 Dxc2 12.Sb4+ Kc5 13.Sxc2 Kxc4! and the black strategy triumphiert. 10,0-0 e6 Haha! Not with our chairman, who smells the roast after Lxc2. 10... Lxc2 11.Sb4+ Dxb4 12.Dxc2 e6 13.Tab1 Dc5 14.Da4+ b5 15.Lxb5+ Kd5 16.Lc6+ Dxc6 17.Dd4 # 11.Df3+ - Kd7? If Steinitz would live still mentally healthy, at the latest this kleinmuetige and shaming retreat would have driven him into the flips. After the taste of the world champion instead of its Kc5 would have been whole. As it were optimization of the black forces participating in the play happening...

   Es könnte also sein, dass die zweisprachige Version dieser Homepage länger auf sich warten lässt. Allerdings bietet die obige Übersetzung schon mal eine grosse Hilfe, die mit ein bisschen Fleiss zu einer brauchbaren Übersetzung führen kann. Gruss an Ranya!

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