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   "Here's my pet hate - people who set up web sites and don't update them from one year to the next. An out-of-date web site is the digital equivalent of the newspaper wrapped round my fish and chips, but slightly less useful. I'm afraid I have to say that 95 per cent of what are advertised as 'chess sites' are very poor and not worth a visit; but I shall not name names. But the same applies to the internet as a whole. I find that, the longer I've been using the web, the less sites I visit."
John Saunders, Webmaster Britbase

   This is the homepage of the German chess club Rochade Kuppenheim. It offers various historical and up-to-date information about our chess club, the teams and its members.

Logo Schachgemeinschaft Rochade Kuppenheim


Schachgemeinschaft Rochade Kuppenheim


Logo Schachgemeinschaft Rochade Kuppenheim

   The chess columns are interesting for all chess players: Meko (the weekly chess column by FM Hartmut Metz with a funny chess dictionary, with some texts in English), Figo (with many reports and all games from Frankfurt Chess Classic 1999 and 2000). We present book reviews and test chess programs in Test. The former chess columns (including two in English) may be found at Extra. If you want to download chess games: chess training.

   Some chess stories, a collection of chess cartoons (by Frank Stiefel at Start) and lots of chess humour (unluckily only in German and very difficult - if not impossible - to translate) give relief to this vast amount of chess information. Visitors may write to the guest book or the message board or leave the homepage through the links page, where you can find lots of recommendable chess pages. You can suggest a good chess page at our Besucherlinks (Visitors' Links).


Rochade Kuppenheim: Chess Rook


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